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Wings and the Wheel

4 April 2017

After a sellout Valentine's Day Event, The Charming Squire and the Wheel of Brisbane are back at it once again! This time with a Wings and the Wheel Event on the 27th April 2017!

You have the choice of two separate seating's upon the Wheel of Brisbane, each lasting approximately 45 minutes.

  1. The first, a 5:30pm Seating. Watch the sunset over Brisbane City whilst devouring delicious Charming Squire smokey meats.
  2. The second, a 7:30pm Seating. Gaze over the lights of Brisbane City at night with dinner by The Charming Squire

The Menu

  • Smoked Chicken wings tossed in Diemens hot sauce, ranch dressing
  • Smokey whisky bbq beef rib, Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, coleslaw, crispy onions
  • Spiced slow cooked lamb shoulder, rocket, cheese and organic yoghurt slider
  • Grilled haloumi, chutney, croutons
  • Smoked pork & veal sausage, pickles, jalapeno and roasted capsicum salad

Bookings must be made through the following link (also for further information) below.



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